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Q: What do I do if I want to request a custom designed garment?

A: Please send any custom requests and/or inquiries to or use


Q: There is a piece on your website that I would love to purchase but it isn't available on your online store, what should I do?

A: Not all Kira Nacole garments are available to purchase online. Some custom pieces may not be available due to fabric selections being discontinued or require a brief online consultation. In that instance, if you encounter a specific garment and would like more information on how to purchase, please be sure to send an email to


Shipping and Delivery 

Q: What carrier do you use to ship garments?

A: Garments are shipped via USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day Shipping and First Class Mail 3-5 Day Shipping 


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Kira Nacole does ship internationally. Prices vary depending on location


Q: Is shipping included in the total price at checkout?

A: Yes, shipping costs range from $6-12, depending on the quantity purchased and will be added to the total price at checkout. If requesting a custom garment, invoices will include shipping and handling


Q: Do you provide express shipping?

A: Yes, Kira Nacole does provide express overnight shipping at an additional $25. However, express shipping does NOT change construction time. If you are in need of a garment within 48-72 hours, an additional charge of $100 will be added to your total garment price 


Q: If possible, can clients come in to pick up their orders instead of having them shipped?

A: Clients are free to request garment pick-ups if my availability permits



Q: How do we pay for our orders?

A: Orders are paid for via Paypal and Cashapp ONLY. Invoices for custom requested pieces are sent to clients once a design is solidified and a color selection has been made via email correspondence


Q: I want to place an order for a custom garment however, I do not have the full balance at the time of purchase. Do you accept deposits?

A: Deposits are only accepted at the time of purchase if the time needed exceeds 30 calendar days. If an order is placed within 30 calendar days, the full amount must be made at the time of purchase and/or when an invoice has been sent


Q: If I am sent an invoice for a custom garment, how long do I have to clear it?

A: Invoices must be cleared within 24 hours. If for any reason an invoice is not cleared within 24 hours, it will automatically be cancelled and you will be notified immediately via email


Production Time

Q: What is the construction time for online placed orders and custom garments?

A: Generally, custom garments take 2-3 weeks to construct. During peak seasons (ex. prom and wedding season) time frames may become longer. The same time frame applies for online placed orders unless specified in the description section


Q: If I want to order a custom garment, how far in advance do I need to do so?

A: Generally, custom requests must be made 3-4 weeks prior to event date. However, in some instances, requests are granted 2 weeks in advance. Clearance for this must be made via email correspondence prior to purchase in order to ensure time availability



Q: How much do your custom garments cost?

A: There is no set prices for custom garments. Prices vary depending on intricacy of design and fabric selection. A thorough and detailed description of your desired garment will aid in determining an estimated price


Refunds and Exchanges

Q: Does Kira Nacole offer refunds and/or exchanges?

A: Kira Nacole does not offer any refunds or exchanges on custom designed garments. However, in some instances, adjustments can be provided depending upon the level of repair. For online orders, refunds will not be issued however, alterations can be made on previously purchased merchandise within 10 days of delivery if for any reason you experience minor sizing issues. Change of color or change of design will not be granted



Q: How do the sizes run? Do you require measurements?

A: Measurements are required for all custom pieces. Visit to understand how specific measurements are recorded and to determine what size range you may fall within  


Q: What if I want to request a custom garment but I am unable to come in for a fitting?

A: In some instances, in person fittings are not required. However, for most, in person fittings are highly suggested. If a client is unable to come in for a fitting and wants to submit measurements, please bare in mind that you are solely responsible for the fit of this garment based on the measurements that were provided


Q: What if I have requested a custom garment based on the measurements I have sent to you but the fit is wrong?

A: If for any reason your garment is constructed based on the measurements provided by the client and not taken by the designer, the client is responsible for the adjustments that have to be made



Q: Where is Kira Nacole located?

A: New York City 


Q: Do you offer wholesale items?

A: I do not offer wholesale


Q: Do you design prom and wedding dresses?

A: Yes, I design garments for any occasion 

Q: Does Kira Nacole design men’s clothing?

A: Currently, I do not design men’s clothing