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custom clothing & boutique


About Me

Brooklyn born native and self taught designer Shakira Lewis has created a name for herself with a wide array of women's apparel that embodies vividness in color and boldness in pattern.


Gaining inspiration from fellow designers, art, music and photography, Shakira created Kira Nacole in 2008, a line of unique apparel that enables women to make visual statements to all those around them. From bold colors to eye catching patterns, the design elements that go into creating these beautiful pieces are what separate them from the rest.


Beginning in Spring 2021, Shakira has now added a boutique to her resume whose garments encompass the same qualities as her custom designed pieces.


Currently the sole designer, buyer, pattern maker and seamstress for the clothing line, Shakira's work ethic and fuel for success are what enables her to continue creating remarkable pieces for women and girls all around the world.

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